North Korea. The word is a bit of an anomaly to any kind of thinking that the world may be adhering to. Human Rights here are often human rights violation here. Freedom of choice, rather the freedom to conceive freedom as a choice (of every human being) seems a rather inexplicable or undigestable idea. What’s more? There’s fundamentally not a day where some mammal on the face of the earth in this tiny part called North Korea is not experiencing some kind of threat.

What’s more? The man running the country, if at all that can be said so, is no longer inclined to drop the idea of using nuclear weapons.

So what on earth is happening here in North Korea, can someone please explain?

A few days earlier, President Donald Duck (sorry, Trump) had hinted that North Korea may no longer be considering a nuclear option. Today, a few hours back as on 29 January 2019, top intelligence chiefs actually refuted claims made by Donald Trump basis his observations on North Korea.

So here’s what was discussed and shared.

According to the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, there doesn’t seem to be any probability whatsoever that North Korea would get rid of Nuclear weapons stockpile as believed by none other than the world’s most powerful leader, Donald Trump.

Elaborating further on his claims, one of the top intel chiefs from the United States shared that on the contrary, the ‘hermit’ nation believes that these (nuclear capabilities) are key to its survival, and therefore, pertinent to the perspective of existing.

North Korea
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In a report published on noted international contemporary affairs portal (based in the US), the following observations, as shared by US Intel operatives operating at a very high level came to light:

“We currently assess that North Korea will seek to retain its [Weapons of Mass Destruction] capabilities,” Coats told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee during the panel’s worldwide threats hearing.

“It is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities because its leaders view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival. Our assessment is bolstered by our observations of some activity that is inconsistent with full denuclearization,” he continued.

And that told, if you thought that this was the only revelation made by the said intel chief, then, well, think again.

There’s something rather interesting that came up and concerns pretty much both the United States and its strongest ally (rather, it’s the other way around) Israel. It has also been found – according to the Intel sources- that Iran is not considering, at least, at this point in time, to develop its nuclear weapons capabilities.

This also leads us to an important happening from the context of geopolitical situations existing in the Middle East. Nearly half a decade or so back in time, a series of Iranian nuclear scientists were said to have been eliminated; a closely-knit bunch of technical experts working closely to help develop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. One after the other, Iran found to its utter dismay, its core team dismantled, probably eliminated for the lack of a better word. While most fingers pointed to Israel, as they anyways would’ve given the bitter enmity that happens to exist between the two countries, to this day one hasn’t quite understood in great detail the real force ‘in action.’

While the CIA might have had its own thing to say in this matter, it is also important to understand what might the agency and its top sleuths have to offer on North Korea and what lies ahead. Isn’t it?

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