For long, one has debated the existence and usage of medical marijuana in Thailand but with little understanding of how frequently might it be used in the country.

Now, it appears that there’s a sense of direction as to where medical marijuana is heading toward where it comes to Thailand.

A country that is so easily considered a highly-rated party paradise for revelers and travelers may soon now consider a somewhat free usage of medical marijuana.

So what’s exactly the fate of medical marijuana in Thailand, one might ask? Well, here’s what one ought to know. The ground realities point to a single-headed direction: Thailand may be in for liberalizing the use of medical marijuana.

Marijuana growing in Chiang Mai, Thailand

To elaborate further, the South Eastern nation is speeding up legal changes in a bid to liberalize its nascent medical marijuana industry. For quite some time now, the country’s health ministry has been deliberating about the possibility of bringing about some changes in the way medical marijuana in Thailand is consumed.

In fact, local news emanating from the country point to a rather rosy picture concerning the future usage of medical marijuana in Thailand. It appears that soon the country will formalize (or authorize) the local household cultivation of around 6 cannabis plants for the purpose of increasing supplies for medical products.

The closely followed move may even pave way for brighter economic fortunes as Thailand will ready itself to trade the vital crop, it is believed. Other than that, the local people from Thailand will try to enhance their incomes using the cultivation and sale of the crop.

Closely following the key development was Bloomberg that reported the following in the matter:

“We are in the process of changing laws to freely allow the medical use of marijuana,” the health minister said. “We have high confidence that marijuana will be among the major agricultural products for Thai households. We are speeding up the law changes. But there is a process to it.”

But that said, it is also important to remember what transpired the last year. As last year (in 2018), Thailand became the first-ever South East Asian nation to allow the usage of medical marijuana.

The development, experts suggest, comes at a key time where the economic possibilities and opportunities stand as Asia is currently expanding its legal cannabis market.

But truth be told, before the country goes ahead to enjoy a freely flourishing culture of medical marijuana consumption, there’s some work cut out for the health ministry.

An official statement said the following: “we need more research and study before we legalize the recreational use of marijuana.”

That said, these indeed are interesting times in the journey of medical marijuana in Thailand for the simplest of reasons that on a normal course, possession of marijuana, according to laws, can penalize a person for up to 15 years in prison- which is, in no way, an easy sentence to overcome!

Yet, at the same time, in the process of institutionalizing the consumption of medical marijuana, the Thai government is busy taking steps to limit operating approvals for overseas investors. The impetus, though, at this time, is the country’s bid to become the region’s cannabis capital.

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