In the world of espionage, there are more enemies than friends. But that’s if you are a spy. Who’s to know who really Hamid Ansari is? Was he a spy of the Indian Security establishment caught in Pakistan or was he a secret agent in pure imagination not alone.

To this day, the real circumstances of his professional occupation aren’t known. What’s known- if calling it a defacto truth is correct- is that Hamid Ansari was charged in Pakistan for possessing what was ‘fake’ Pakistani identification.

As a result, he’d languish in a Pakistani jail where he was brought first in 2012. But after spending six years in a Pakistani prison, despite pleading innocent to the charges he was brought under, Hamid Ansari is finally going to taste the sweet feeling of freedom.

It’s been confirmed that Hamid Ansari will finally be released from the Pakistani prison as he’d be sent to India. Deportation or whatever that might be, must not sound any poor or improper now- isn’t it?

It’s also been confirmed that he will be crossing the Wagah border in Punjab as he’ll make his way to India.

But even today, half a decade after his capture by Pakistan, it remains to be seen what really happened to Hamid especially given the circumstances of his capture? What really was so unworthy and utterly wrong on his part that it sent him directly in a Pakistani prison, not the most hospitable place on the face of the earth?

Well, in case, if you didn’t know, here’s what you ought to.

After he came in some form of a romantic entanglement with Pakistan, having met a girl from the neighboring country on social media, Hamid Ansari, who entered India’s next-door nation from Afghanistan, may not have expected what lay ahead.

A 33-year-old, Hamid Ansari was all of 28 when he entered the Pakistani prison, which would capture him for 5 long years. The girl, who entrapped him- for how else are we to call the move since she’s nowhere to be seen nor tried any attempt to call his capture ‘innocent’ (if at all this was that), was a resident of Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

India Today, reporting in detail on the matter shared the following:

“In December 2015, a military court in Pakistan sentenced Hamid Ansari to three years in prison after convicting him for possessing a fake Pakistani identification. Since then, Ansari has been lodged at the Peshawar Central Jail in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

Hamid Ansari
India Today

Now, for some reason, while Hamid Ansari’s family, back in Mumbai, might have been relieved at the decision, for some reason, one doesn’t quite know as to why Pakistan’s interior ministry is maintaining its silence on the issue.

No one seems to have come out with anything blaring or loud or something like that on the matter of Hamid Ansari’s release.

New Delhi had earlier issued a note to the Pakistan High Commissioner of India in light with the ‘earliest release’ of the Mumbai-based resident of India. Now, finally, he’s set to return. But this leaves us with the same question surrounding his arrest: was he really a covert operative or a spy as they call it?

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