We know it for being a manufacturing lord. We also know it to be dabbling rather successfully into making its own version of America’s Hollywood. And above everything- we understand it to be a rising power in the undeniably important spectre of the cyberspace.

Is there any stopping China, the land of the colloquial dragon?

Perhaps not. Perhaps continuing on the realm of endless exposition of its might-across divergent spheres such as tech, cyberspace, industry, manufacturing, entrepreneurship- comes as naturally to China as eating sucking on a sugary candy does to a child.

But watch out. Embrace a new hefty, rather feisty bit of development to have emanated from the land of the oriental.

Believe it or not, China has only recently successfully created a laser gun whose prominence may not exactly place a smile onto a protestor’s face. It is believed that the Chinese laser gun can actually put fire on a protestor’s hair, leading to well, what could only be called dire circumstances for the already aggrieved.

A Chinese manufacturer is being credited for having produced this one-of-a-kind laser gun and its slated to take protestors and upsetters by a whinge of a surprise. The gun, certainly, is not for private use and is primarily to be handed over for being used by the police. But that told whether exports of the said gun have already begun is still vastly unknown.

What this Chinese laser gun can also do is to set fire to the banners wielded by anyone from a distance of approximately one kilometre. Does that annoy stalwarts or champions of free speech and peaceful demonstration- we’re yet to know.

The name of the firm behind the creation of this special laser gun is China-based ZKZM fiber laser company. But when contacted for more details about this peculiar product, the general manager preferred to remain in anonymity. The basic use, however, the person from the firm insisted, is not to cause irreparable damage to a protestor but to only set fire to the protestor’s hair or to a part of the clothing worn by an individual.


However, maybe, four in five people would contend that the idea does seem bizarre and sort of cryptic. Doesn’t it? Here are some telling details about the latest Chinese produce that one’s not sure has hit the global arms market yet.

The 15-mm calibre weapon weighs three kilogrammes (6.6 pounds) and has a range of 800 metres (2,600 feet). It can pass through glass and other transparent obstacles. This is no lame machine, by the way. The laser gun aimed at. protestors can be even mounted on top of cars, boats and, planes.

That told, the firm behind its creation has confirmed that at this point in time, it is in the process of getting in touch with the central government to partner with a firm that already possesses a weapon-production license, so that large-scale production of the said item can begin.

A crime-fighting force or a vehicle associated with the defence establishment are primary partners (in the waiting) for the firm ZKZM. The primary use of the equipment, however, is for the Chinese police force.

The current weapon, as it is, would be needed to be upgraded to a laser-cannon, which would yield it increased power to cater to being more lethal. Although, such a product does, in fact, now exists- many critics, however, are calling the use of laser weapons as to be dabbling in the realm of science fiction. They wonder, how can all of this be actually possible?

Noted science digital forums such as Techcrunch have shared that arsenal that dabbles with laser machinery has eluded the militaries and armies of many a country for several years put together for a reason. Perhaps, that could be in relation to causing irreparable harm.

Whatever that is, China, for now, seems to have an answer. The only question is- will this equipment be used rarely for will it find a place in the Chinese and later, global mainstream?

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