Is Dave Suchanek the most passionate and patriotic Canadian ever?

Whether you are an accidental or voracious reader, perhaps the very first sentence that may crop up in your mind reading this headline would be- who in the hell is Dave Suchanek? In fact, it may go a little further. You may be interested in knowing if it’s even important to know who Dave Suchanek is?

Well, the truth of the matter is- yes. Dave Suchanek isn’t running for Canadian presidency. He isn’t the best-known Ice Hockey player in the entirety of Canada. And most certainly, he doesn’t drive a Pronto Spyder or own a few yachts.

Dave Suchanek

What Dave Suchanek does have, in fact, to his credit is a lot of passion for his country. Now the truth is, mostly all countries have a motto. Therefore, so does Canada. Its motto is- A Mari usque ad Mare. 

This means, “From the Sea to the Sea.” These are the words that appear on the coat of arms. Now Dave Suchanek has been passionately campaigning for bringing about a little change to this motto. He has made the mission of his life to change the Canadian motto.  The earnest, bespectacled man is of the view that these words actually discount the Northern Canadians.

At a time where the world is ever increasingly moving in toward the concept of assuming a pivotal template of our times: Diversity+ Inclusion: Dave Suchanek is most upset about the fact that arguably the most important words of nationalistic fervour in Canada excludes those in its northern frontier.

To his credit, Dave Suchanek, an earnest and dedicated Canadian who clearly cares about his country goes by a rather interesting name. In fact, it must be said, it’s become an incessant shadow of the man. He’s called ‘flagman’.

And if you were to run into this concerned citizen of the land of ‘maple leaf’, you’d find him dressed in an outfit that’s sort of become a modern-age folklore for the individual. More often than not dressed avidly in a costume bearing Canadian national colours on jacket and trousers- Dave is also always in possession of $400 worth of Canadian flags.

The idea? He wishes to instantly replace any damaged Canadian flags that he may run into at almost any given place or point in time. And so that others would not have to do so, Dave keeps the ‘resource’ handy.

At 58, where most other men his age may, in fact, be contemplating retirement or simply be enjoying the company of their grandchildren and family, Dave Suchanek runs a busy day, working six days out of seven.

An avid communicator and a well-read fellow, he teaches Civics, his principal occupation for decades together. In hindsight, therefore, it only makes befitting sense that a teacher is campaigning for a nation-wide ‘change of an idea.’

Based in Ontario, Canada, where he teaches Civics to grade twelveth students, Dave can often be found e-mailing members of the Canadian parliament to adopt a more inclusive agenda where it comes to the Canadian motto.

So far, he’s personally emailed around 335 politicians. Isn’t that a remarkable effort to have been undertaken solo? And when he cannot access those in ‘power’ or holding positions of influence, he takes to the pen and paper and begins writing personal letters with great reverence for those he hopes will understand his vision of Canada.

As he drives around, wearing a red jacket and trousers, inspired by Canadian national flag (the Maple Leaf), protecting nationalistic heraldry, he proudly proclaims, ” I am legitimately sane.”

Because his country, according to Dave, deserves a tri-sea recognition, instead of the current bi-sea imagery, Dave is voraciously batting for change. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that he himself hails from Northern Canada.

That said, in his attempts to bring about a change, which can only be directed lest political heavyweights resonated with Dave’s conception, so far, there’s been no change.

“For them it’s probably just a bowl of Cheerios. For me, it’s a beautiful sirloin steak.”

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