Probably nothing in the world can match the pure, harmless joy of seeing or being amid newborn babies. Isn’t it? They are, as they say, the Almighty’s finest gifts here on the earth. With child-like innocence, cuddliness, and a surreal sense of honesty, can there be a greater sense of love here amid us?

But well, while there’s nothing more beautiful than toddlers, at the same time, there’s always an area that concerns their parents. Do you know what that is? Well, but of course, the health of the toddlers what else.

What else might concern the parents of the toddlers other than the help of their newborn? To be frank, there’s nothing quite important for the parents of a newborn other than ensuring that their newborn or infant is absolutely fine.

But having said that, it must be said, there are kids who aren’t always in great health. To be frank, not all kids are fortunate to be born with everything normal where general well-being is concerned.

In that regard, one cannot ignore a recent incident that occurred in Texas, in the United States.

Texas recently was in the news. And this was because apparently the heaviest newborn in the US was born here. Now, can you take a guess as to how heavy was this newborn baby, one who has, since the time fo his birth, been making news?

Well, apparently, the newborn that was birthed in Texas was s around 15 pounds. This isn’t any small occurrence.

Or is it?

The name of the Baby who was born a few days ago in the month of December is Ali, born on December 12, 2018, at the Arlington Medical College, in Arlington. That told, what’s catchy in this is, of course, the weight of the newborn. Usually, according to medical experts, an average newborn does not go beyond 7 pounds.

In not only breaking records for that hospital where the baby was born but also featuring widely on online media, Baby Ali has already shot to some solid fame, if it must be said so.

But despite the genuine weight concern, the mother of Baby Ali has no qualms whatsoever about the health of her child. According to Jennifer, the mother, she is suffering from a severe form of the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Now what this does is that it can cause infertility for the women.

The mother of the heavyweight baby shared the following in relation to her son:
“It doesn’t matter how big he is, I’m so blessed to have him.”
But in lines with the above, it didn’t really make for a pretty sight for the heavy baby as he spent a lot longer in the intensive care unit of the hospital than most other kids. The child’s blood sugar levels weren’t normal and he had to be treated.
Some newspapers have mentioned that while all is fine the baby, it can also be said, that the same is a bit unusually bigger than most other kids. May the child, unhealthy that he may be, get well soon.
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