This UCB Ad Broke Every Stereotype About Women Through These Visuals and Words

Women Equality is a topic that has been taped by many brands in order to make a strong statement in the market. And, this one is another great example of how aptly a company can use their platform to make proclamations about what our society needs.

Equality for women in the society is not only a woman’s issue, it affects and reflects everyone’s condition in a society, country and world. United Colors of Benetton rolled out an advertisement #UnitedByHalf, which talks about how parity is essential in today’s time. As recited in the commercial, women do not want to be the better halves or worse halves and definitely not the weaker halves, all they want is their half in a society which still barricades one’s potential due to their gender. This advertisement broke various stereotypes by simply presenting visuals that are still not accepted in our society.

Watch The Advertisement Here:

( Video Courtesy: Oink Films )

One can’t stop thinking about the words and stills from this advertisement after watching it, which is always a great thing. They have made an asseveration which would push you toward a place that demands your concerns. 

20th February 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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