This Stand-up Comedian’s Take On Relationship Is Realistic AF!

Relationships are complicated, not only the lovey-dovey kinds but all of them which revolve around the idea of love. It is easier said than done that being in a relationship makes you happy but given the fact that women can drive a man insane, it becomes actually quite tricky to handle a relationship. Because let’s face it, all the questions, drama and tantrums make it unbearably fiddly and that’s what Akash Gupta has explained in his new stand-up video.

Akash Gupta has touched almost all the horrifying problems a guy faces in modern-day relationships and the quirkiness in the content makes it super hilarious. His expressions while explaining every single incident will break you into barking laughter and the situations he talks about are so realistic that you may recall the same incidents that might have happened to you in the past and think “Oh god! That is so true!”

Relationships, Clubbing & Cocktails: Watch The Whole Video Here:

Where most of the guys keep cribbing about their relationship problems, Akash Gupta surely had his way and turned it into funny content that is not only making us laugh but also proving that we need to look out for more videos from him in the future because this one was entertaining AF!

29 June 2017
Avni S. Singh
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