Attending a comedy show for entertainment is the most hip thing to do these days, and one can certainly say that it’s a great time to be a comedian in India. More and more people are ditching their full-time jobs to follow their dreams of making people laugh and honestly there’s nothing more fun to see someone follow their dreams. After all we belong to a community that works on the magic on killing other’s dreams and pushing them towards a more safe option.

With a whirlpool of comedians in the market today, more and more are also trying to make their mark on the YouTube industry. Every now and then a new comedy video drops and in no time they go viral. But very rarely do we see comedians just letting loose of themselves and simply present some good old jokes to the audience, which is why this video is so refreshing and funny.

Comedian Shimit Mathur put out a stand-up video which as he describes, is a promotional video for his actual stand-up videos, consisting just jokes.

Though none of the jokes relate to each other or contribute to a much bigger plot, they’re funny. Mathur talks about Starbucks, him being homeless, Acche Din and what it feels like to live in Mumbai.

Starbucks, Acche Din or Sex, Homeless: Watch the video over here:

Isn’t it just funny and just refreshing in some sort?

If you also found the video as hilarious as we did, do let us know in the comment section below and if there’s any other comedian that you would like us to cover, then let us know about that too.

Jyotsna Amla

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