This Baniya Stand Up Comedian’s Dig On All The Baniyas Is Something You Can’t Afford To Miss!

In India, there is one community that has always been considered as the most ‘Kanjoos Community‘ ever – Baniya. However, these people have always been involved in big money occupations and businesses (probably being ‘kanjoos’ makes them rich). It’s no new news that since the jokes have been invented, ‘Baniya community’ has always been one of the prime targets and frankly there are actually some hilarious facts as well as behavior patterns that can really crack you into laughter. ( But they get furious so be quiet around them).

Well, while most of the people from this community get offended when they become the subject of a good laugh, this comedian Gaurav Gupta, who is a Baniya himself cracked the most relatable jokes in his stand-up comic gig and we can’t hold ourselves from laughing out loud.

‘Being Baniya’ By Stand up Comic Gaurav Gupta: Watch Full Video Here:

( Video Courtesy: Gaurav Gupta )

I bet you agree on all the things he explained, how Baniya world works all over India. The best part, of course, is “Haare Ka Sahara, Baba Shyam Hamara“, but we can’t deny that the description of ‘Baniya Saas‘ was funny as hell. Not to forget, their food choices are incredibly humorous.

I don’t know about you but after watching this video I can’t stop relating it to my Baniya friends and having a good laugh about it. So, if you got any Baniya friend in your group (which I am sure you do) share this video with them and laugh together on these silly yet amusing jokes.

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