Remember “Bolo Tara Rara”? It Just Got Revamped In Israeli And It’s Dope As Fuck!

We couldn’t get over from the thrill that Marvel gave us after it launched its new trailer with Bappi Lahiri’s Jhoom Jhoom Baba and we have found another video that doesn’t only has Indian Music but also included some of the Punjabi words of the original song. In case you are like “Whaaat?”, Daler Mehndi’s Punjabi Track “Bolo Tara Rara” just got an Isreali Makeover And You Will Fall In Love With It.

Yes, the famous Punjabi number has been revamped and doing numbers on social media. Since, we couldn’t stop ourselves from posting it here it is:

Well, this incredible Israeli version of ‘Bolo TaRa RaRa’ is just another level of entertainment. It’s visually so vibrant that we can’t take our eyes off and the Haayo Rabba in Israeli accent just wins our heart. Uploaded by ARSIA, it has got same music and beats, also it cheers us up when the singer tries to sing the Alaap. (Daler Mehndi Must Be Raging With Happiness)

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