Race 3 will definitely be one of the biggest blunders Bollywood ever made that went on to gross somewhere around 300 crores at the box office. The success of Salman Khan and Remo D’Souza’s pet project, tells us how even though we are inclining more and more towards good and meaningful cinema, there’s no way that we’ll be able to completely get rid of the crap-needing side of ours.

Comedian Gd Ryait sums it all up perfectly and talks about a variety of things from the movie and about it. He talks about how Race 3 director, Remo D’Souza compensated the lack of acting from Salman Khan with his oily biceps and how little to no effect Bobby Deol’s presence in the movie was.

If you’re someone who has watched Race 3 in the theatres and are utterly scared for life now, then you’ll completely agree to all the observations made by this comic in his stand up.

Race 3, Salman Bhai Aur Nipples: Watch the video over here:

Gd Ryait, the comedian, has described himself as someone who loves to put forth his brand of comedy concocted with Bollywood. In the end, as per the comedian, we as the consumer of cinema should be more aware of our choices, considering they directly affect the kind of movies we get to see. We have reached a time where very few filmmakers actually make movies for the passion of making movies, and not for the passion of making money through some garbage packaged with big stars.

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