Creating edited versions of certain music videos or movie clips or even trailers is the newest trend in social media. People are constantly trying to submerge two different things together and then create something phenomenal out of it, interestingly, a majority of these creations are going viral with hits off the chart.

There are certain videos on YouTube that don’t even have half as much views on them, than their edited version circulated on other social media platforms.

A fresh addition to one of such edition wonders is the Mukkabaaz Thor Mashup trailer. This is a trailer mashup of Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor Ragnarok. The video plays snippets from Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor Ragnarok, the third installment of the franchise, on the sounds of Mukkabaaz’s trailer.

Mukkabaaz Thor Mashup trailer: Watch The Video Over Here:

Thor: Ragnarok is about Marvel’s much-loved character Thor’s journey through the destruction of Asgard and saving the universe, with some help from his friend, the Incredible Hulk. As for Mukkabaaz, this Bollywood is about one man’s excruciating journey of becoming an ace boxer while constantly battling the bad guys from his area. Both the movies have been big commercial hits at the box office, as well as, among the critics.

Check out the Thor: Ragnarok trailer over here:

Here’s Mukkabaaz trailer:

As for the man behind this incredible Mukkabaaz Thor Mashup trailer, the video was posted on Sumit Purohit’s YouTube channel which is filled with more videos like this one. The guy is an adept editor and one can just spot his incredible talent in his videos.

Jyotsna Amla

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