Ishtehaar, the new song released from the album of Welcome To New York is a soulful number that will tug at your heart. Featuring Diljit Dosanjh and Sonakshi Sinha, Ishtehaar is a story of everyone who has witnessed the painful transaction of a relationship from heavens to hell. We all have been in a relationship which started off with the feel of “never-ending adventure” but slowly it lost the race against time and felt stranger than ever. Ishtehaar will make you miss all the people who were once there for you but drifted apart.

While Ishtehaar’s visuals tell a heart-clenching story of two friends (probably lovers) who are drifting apart, the audio will make you want to listen to the song on the loop. The soulful voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan makes this song peaceful, and despite being a sad song, Ishtehaar manages to heal your heart.

Ishtehaar: Watch the Full Song Here:

With Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice, Dhvani Bhanushali has crooned the female lines in the song. Charanjeet Charan has penned the emotion-dripped lyrics for the song and soulful music is composed by Shamir Tandon.

Welcome To New York is directed by Chakri Toleti and is slated to release on 23rd February 2018.

Avni S. Singh

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