Every girl can exactly recall the day she got her period for the first time. From the time to her reaction to the resort she went for, everything is on point in terms of its relation to the reality. All of this was not because it was some milestone event that was widely celebrated and all, but because it was the start of a lifetime of uneasiness and potential plans cancelling. Plus, one can’t miss out on the shame and restrictions one has to face every single day of their period.

On top of all that, the means of escaping the pain and waste is not only a luxury but also something that’s killing our planet.

All of the failures attached to the topic of menstruation often makes people think of how different the entire scenario would be if men had periods instead of women. And, if you’re also someone who thinks about it then you need to watch this short film that gives you the answer.

The short film follows a day in the life of a boy who gets his period for the first time and how things are starkly different for him as a male, in comparison to girls. His periods are considered very normal with people openly talking about it, making him feel special, cheap and sustainable options available for him and more importantly, how his period blood is shown as blood and not a blue liquid. The movie also shows how if men had periods, it would be much easier for them to go through it without feeling any shame. Something like this is not at all available for women.

Check out the video over here:

The makers described the short film as, “The first Period is a surreal and unique film highlighting the multi-pronged issues that are related to menstrual hygiene.”

It has been brought by Dasra & MH Alliance initiative and is directed by Mozez Singh.

The ending of the movie also showed the terror the first day of the period could be for girls, with millions of people considering it to be dirty and shameful.

Jyotsna Amla

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