Potholes Potholes everywhere, not a place to drive smoothly.

This single statement can be the life story of everyone who travels by road, in Bengaluru. The entire pothole problem in Bengaluru is so severe that the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike decided to launch an app for it. Yes, that’s just the right thing one can expect to come out of the Silicon Valley of India, an app for your day-to-day misery.

The app enables the people to upload pictures of potholes and, if they aren’t fixed within 48 hours, claim money from the city.

We all can agree that this is an amazing idea. Not only does it brings in the government for the well being of the people, it also takes the efforts of Bangaloreans to make things happen. It also creates an easy medium for people to reach out to their municipal corporations.

However, like many other great ideas, even this failed. The potholes persist and are still there to make everyone’s life a little more difficult, every single day.

So, Pothole Patrike, a group of young people from the city have decided to bow to the inevitable and sing out their angst. They rap, “It is not like before now I am ridin slow. Even if the road is straight! No! Ayyo! Cannot no!”

Watch The Video Here: 

And they provided the answer too, “Cause I am busy! Doing what? Spotting the hole!”

Pothole Patrike is able to get their message across in the most entertaining way possible. They have a sarcastic take on the whole situation and one just can hope now that their rap fall on right ears.

Jyotsna Amla

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