London’s largest chain of EV charging network Source London has now been bought over by French oil major Total. In a landmark development, Source London, will now come under the Total umbrella, which basically means each of its 1,600 street charge-points spread in different parts of the English capital.

But there’s something interesting about the latest French-London connect in this business transaction.

It’s worthwhile to note is that Source London happens to be the trading name of company Blue Point London, which was in turn, owned by a leading French transportation company, Bollore Group. Headquartered at Puteaux, in France, Bollore is one of the illustrious names in the international transportation and logistics space.

More information on Source London would suggest the firm established back in 2010, an entity developed in co-operation with the London Boroughs. The firm, in its current capacity, accounts for over half of all charging points that are presently in operation in London.

Now if that doesn’t give a clear idea about the prominence of the brand, then one wonders, what will?

But surely, behind the key big acquisition by the French oil major Total, there has to be a sense of the inevitable- right? And to that measure, it’s important to know that the big latest purchase was made keeping in mind the promising feature of the London-based brand.

Total acquisition EV charging network | Total acquires London-based EV charging network
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According to various media outlets, Source London is expected to continue to grow in the forthcoming years, a positive development that has its heart the commitment of the famous capital city toward a carbon-neutral future.

So how does that pan out?

Well, as many of us may already be aware, London is working tirelessly toward the realization of its big futuristic ambition: toward becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

And a big step toward the fulfilment of this objective is to increase the number of EV charging points to tenfold in the next five years, which explains London has an ambitious but promising road to climb in the next half a decade.

All of that being said, here is how Source London has become a promising name crediting with adding convenience to the life of the average Londoner out on an EV:

The very fact that around 1,600 of Source London’s charging points are conveniently located on-street adds to the ease of navigation or reach of the city dweller with the twin advantage of parking and charging the EV all at the same time.

Meanwhile, a detailed report published on leading portal The Driven had the following observations to make on the mega development:

Total has further committed to ensuring the Source London EV charge network will continue to be powered by 100% renewable electricity, to be supplied through the company’s subsidiary Total Gas & Power Limited.

That being said, on the part of Total, the President of Marketing and Services at Total, Mr. Alexis Vovk offered insights on the current arrangement and how might the acquisition positively impact London’s ambitious carbon-neutral aim:

“By combining today these existing infrastructures with Total’s know-how in terms of installation, operation, and management of public electric vehicle charging networks, we are starting a new phase, supporting the expansion of electric mobility in London.

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He would further arrest the idea of the significance of the move for the city’s residents by stating, “In collaboration with our partners and the local authorities, we will be able to meet both the strong growth in demand for on-street charge points and the needs for new mobility solutions of London users.”

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