These Cats In Costumes Will Just Brighten Up Your Day

Cats are one of the cutest creatures on this planet. And, while the debate of who’s the cutest, cat or dogs, has survived for more than thousands of years, there’s one thing clear that these cats will make your decision much easier.

Snoopy Moopy and Doby are two of the most adorable cats on the internet, who don’t mind looking chic and adorably cute for pictures. As soon as their owner found out that both the cats didn’t mind wearing accessories and clothing, she started sewing out some really cute costumes for them and started dressing them up for their Internet fame.

One just can’t deny the fact images like these can instantly brighten up anyone’s day, I mean, how many times do you get a chance to see a cat in Batman or a Minion costume. None, Zilch. Which makes them even more special for the human race.

Check out the images for yourself and, well, make your day brighten up.

#1 Settling the debate, once in for all. Or not?

snoopy-costumes 4

#2 The most adorable Batman and Robin duo.

snoopy-costumes 1

#3 Dragon Ball Z

snoopy-costumes 6

#4 One cute Pooh, meeting another cute Pooh

snoopy-costumes 12

#5 Snow white with a fluffy tail.

snoopy-costumes 8

#6 This minion would like to have their banana, now. 

snoopy-costumes 5

#7 Meet Spongebob and his house, what an adorable combination.

snoopy-costumes 3

#8 Let it Go! 

snoopy-costumes 11

#9 Hello Kitty, meet Kitty.

snoopy-costumes 7

#10 New MacDonald Mascot. 

snoopy-costumes 10

#11 Doremon!

snoopy-costumes 9

#12 This is the cutest elephant trunk, I have ever seen. 

snoopy-costumes 2

source: BoredPanda

18th July 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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