Art is supposed to make you feel something.

I can’t remember where I first read or heard this statement, however, over the course of time, it has somehow stuck with me. A huge part of this can amount to the fact that, I indeed find it true and endearing. We are constantly surrounded by art, however, very few can actually understand and realise its existence. Maybe because, South Asians don’t really find productiveness in art or being an artist, for that matter.

Oh, the irony. Everyone in this world is aware of how South Asia is somehow one of most blessed places with art to its name. Yet, we don’t want our kids to turn into artists or cartoonists and illustrators for that matter.

However, things are changing. From past one week, the people on Twitter are waking up to the growing emergence of the #SouthAsianArtists trend. Started by Fatima Wajid, a design student, and illustrator, the hashtag was able to gather thousands of south Asian artists who are blessed with impeccable skills. There’s so much to see and experience on this trend, that many are not even aware of.

From illustrations to artwork on mere stones, people shared their talent on the microblogging site and we’re grateful for every one of them.

Check them out:

amal on Twitter

I’m Amal, a self taught illustrator and I love empowering women and creating a culture of love and acceptance. #SouthAsianArtists

cherryandsisters on Twitter

I’m mansi, an Indian artist! I use art to show love for stories I adore, & hope to tell some of my own stories one day #SouthAsianArtists

Anu on Twitter

Hello! My name is Anu and I’m an illustrator and animator from Vancouver, BC #SouthAsianArtists #DrawingWhileDesi

narania ghirga on Twitter

hi!! my name is rania, i’m a Pakistani & Muslim digital artist who loves vibrant colors & making fanart!! ✨ #SouthAsianArtists

nims on Twitter

hi friends! i’m a sri lankan illustrator drawing fanart and girls and cute things :^) love this tag!! #SouthAsianArtists

Akshay B. Varaham on Twitter

Hey! I’m Akshay–Tamil ❤️, Muslim☪️, and I love SA mythology, religion, and LGBT content. I have a webcomic called Puu! #SouthAsianArtists

Shehzil Malik on Twitter

SouthAsianArtists is giving me life! So inspired! Adding myself to the mix- I’m a designer and illustrator and I draw a lot of women ✨

dilraj on Twitter

Hey its Dilraj! , Punjabi, design/illustration/game art. Love drawing pretty things. Lost all my selfies in a fire #SouthAsianArtists

Kruttika Susarla on Twitter

Hey I’m Kruttika-Indian illustrator + comic-maker exploring gender issues through my work: #SouthAsianArtists

After having a good look at pieces of art like these, I wonder if we would ever be able to give justice to the talent these people possess? Would we be able to bring limelight on these pieces of work? Or, would these young artists be pushed into becoming engineers and doctors for the sake of having a much better living standard than satisfactory living standard?

Jyotsna Amla

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