At a time where human intervention is such an important need of the day or let’s say, the thing one actually needs it being a meme-watching, gadget-obsessing age of information overload- why is one hanging out with reptiles in massage parlors?

Absurd? Strange? Wait, there’s some sense to the above actually and am not even kidding.

Snake massage
source: South China Morning Post

For starters, unless you belong to some Paleolithic age where that mammal called man was, well still not evolved , you will really need to hang out with snakes in massage centres or whatever the appropriate terminology is.

Also, one doesn’t have to derive some cheesy meaning when talks concern the massage parlours. Why be biased?

That said, where one of the wackiest pieces of information is concerned, then who knows how might one take this breaking story- snakes in massage parlours- which, as we speak, has become the common internet sensation.

Though, first up a context.

It appears that there actually happens to be a massage parlour in Egypt that decided to put lizards and that too, in a dominion that’s absolutely about comfort and rejuvenation.

So what does this thing do?

One’s not sure if the land of camels has taken offence to the fact that some humans have decided to get too comfortable with lizards! But hey, calm down.

We aren’t even kidding.

Though, there definitely are some questions that come to life, such as:

So how does this even work? Well, there are snakes in direct contact with the human skin.

And what’s the purpose or what does such a thing actually do to help at all, if that’s the idea?

New Fad Snake Massage

If it’s just detoxification- how is it that one’s even comfortable with snakes being on one’s face- you read that right?

But all of that said, it isn’t that everyone is seeing this as being some whacked out story.

The following are excerpts from a full-fledged report that was published just recently on the Indian Express

There are few things more relaxing than getting a good massage but the one being offered at a spa in Egypt are undoubtedly not for the fainthearted. The people visiting the Cairo spa can choose from several types of massages, including by non-venomous snakes.

In the spa, live snakes slither on the backs and faces of the people who are desperately looking for pain relief. According to a Reuters video, which has now gone viral on social media, a masseuse is seen first rubbing oil on the client’s back and then uses a combination of pythons and around 28 different types of non-venomous snakes during the 30-minute massage session.

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That being said, the big question here is- just how many people would actually be brave enough to surrender to this rather uncanny way of unwinding? Can you do it? Would you bet your life on it, even if the snakes aren’t all that venomous. Face certainly is- regardless of whether such massage idea is cool or not cool- it takes guts, more than anything else, to be in contact with an animal that may not make one absolutely comfortable. What do you think?

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