Sport’s silly season is on. Expect a lot of talks to be there. Expect nothing less than polarised emotions at the end of every 90 minutes of every single football contest. Tears will be shed. Grins and smiles will be exposed and, above everything- hearts will cringe with excitement, just as much as they’d pump in thrill.

We knew this. This was common. Nothing was unanticipated or so unworldly about this. FIFA World Cup 2018 is on, after all? Can it get any bigger?

But what about the strangest advice ever possible, that’s just been given to heaps and dozens of Russian women in midst of arguably the biggest sporting action on the planet?

What are your immediate instant reactions going to be if you are told not to have sex with travellers to Russia this season? Won’t you laugh out loud, perhaps tad bit hazy at the rather opaque advice that’s been forwarded?

Maybe, 9 in 10 would be. Maybe even all of them or may even be less. But who cares? Darn, this was one heck of a weird advice, wasn’t it?

There was never going to be any doubt regarding the seer mass of travellers and intrepid football lovers that were to hit the Russian shores. But for women in Russia- almost everyone unfailingly would agree to their beauty and charm- to be told to keep off from foreigners and travellers who are in the country for the FIFA World Cup 2018 is something rather appallingly extraordinary.

Isn’t it? Really, who does that, let it be asked? Who in the earth says such a thing to women? Aren’t the Russian women- beautiful that they might be- aware of what’s good or bad for them? What, it must be asked and why is there for the Russian MPs and politicians and what’s this whole seemingly irrelevant insecurity about?

In issuing a rather direct assault on the intelligence of the average Russian women, the MPs suggesting that the Russian women should keep “off” from hordes of travelling men to the Putin-land have needlessly escalated matters that shouldn’t have been considered that seriously in the first place. Don’t you think?

That the Russian woman should act out of nationalistic fervour or cause and therefore, avoid “sexual contact” with the bands of travelling men reads like an upset father’s disclaimer, more like a lame fridge magnet replacement. It seems, truth be told, less of a direct advice issued out of pure concern for one’s fellow beings and more of some weird pride issue.

Don’t you think?

And even if the women were actually to have intercourse and make love with the men, how is their personal choice matter to those who are serving the country in powers of influence and importance. Women are intelligent, kind and sensible beings. Most at least, in today’s day and age, do not wish “to be told and what to do”.

In this light, the above advice may not actually go down well with one’s conscience. But the current context of the question of Russian women to “avoid” men during the FIFA World Cup hasn’t birthed itself just like that.

Believe it or not, popular and iconic media platform of news- BBC-carried some rather stunning piece of statistic. In suggesting that back in the period of 1980, that Russia experienced a sudden spike in the population of what was called the “Olympic Babies” mirrored the concerns of the self-styled nationalists who still live in an imagined dystopian world where women should only be baby-producing factories for their men and family.

Which intelligent or well-read human being today wishes to produce only “Russian race babies.” In this regard, one cannot help but revisit the epic flawed concept of Adolf Hitler’s idea of focusing on developing and “breeding” a pure “Aryan race”. Should Russia stoop to such pulverized figment of thinking- then there will soon be news regarding the apparent similarities between Hitler’s then Pseudo-Aaryan race and the current, existing Russian race.

And who cares, if it must be asked, whether a future Russian race is, in fact, mixed or not? What possible different does it bring to the country?

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