An important phrase from Rihanna’s chart-topping hit “Umbrella” says the following, “And that’s when you need be there, With you always I’ll share, Because, When the sun shines, we’ll shine together, Told you I’ll be here forever!”

And today, these are the very lyrics that spring to mind when one thinks of the famous pop number Umbrella, from the mega-hit album that released back in June of 2008.

Reason being, these are powerful lines that seem to echo the very sentiment that famous Barbados-born pop sensation Rihanna exuded in the context of India’s much-talked-about farmers’ protest.

Now to think of Rihanna in the context of India’s farmers’ protest seems something akin to remembering weird interpretations or links such as Michael Jackson in the context of Soccer or say, Donald Trump in regards to massive love for the CNN; things that never really were true or sounded logical, right?

But truth certainly is, that support and truly meaningful gestures often com from the weirdest or the strangest quarters. And when recently, singer-songwriter Rihanna apparently stopped a musical function to focus on the dramatic issue in India, it became apparent that good support can come from anywhere.

When it comes to expressing solidarity for the ongoing farmers’ protest in India, then possibly there may not be a single prominent world media platform today that may not have touched upon the subject with profound insight.

But what was really special was to note that so meaningful is the relevant cause that even pop music idols from a faraway destination such as the United States are talking about the issue.

Just who would’ve thought in the very profundity of her or his sixth sense that someone like Rihanna would speak on the issue?

Rihanna | Rihanna on the farmers' protests
Image Source: NDTV

Here’s what prominent Indian media platforms had to say about the matter, with the following excerpts being from NDTV’s news report:

“Why aren’t we talking about this?! #FarmersProtest,” tweeted the ‘Don’t Stop The Music‘ singer, who has more than 100 million followers on Twitter, along with a news article about the internet blockade.”

That being said, it didn’t seem as though prominent Indian Bollywood star actor Kangana Ranaut was too happy with what Rihanna had to say there, as the actor associated with movies like Manikarnika and Krissh retorting to the singer’s tweet, offering the following response:

The tweet sent the singer trending on Twitter with thousands of responses including one from actor Kangana Ranaut, an ardent supporter of the ruling BJP who has made no bones about her strong dislike for the farmers’ protest that has challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Truth be told, while we all have our own versions and understanding of what is clearly a burning issue in all of India, it doesn’t really say a lot when a celebrity (recognized for her talent and contributions to the world of music) stands in with solidarity for a trending matter (albeit) in another country and is immediately condemned.

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The entire incident, it ought to be noted, beckons a few questions.

Was Rihanna really to be blamed for directing her audiences’ attention toward a just cause that has millions in India hooked onto the constant news updates on the very subject?

Was Kangana a bit insensitive in hammering the famous singer even when she was not even addressed in the tweet? Who’s to decide? Also, which way is the social media communication headed, this being an age of trolls where vitriol on an everyday basis, is but common?

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