In an age siding with technology, that’s constantly evolving quite frankly with the tick of the clock, in some ways it makes perfect sense that to mark an occasion as dramatic and intense as death, the world has things like an online memorial. Not a thing that was amid us at all in the yesterdays- right? Yet, a question could be asked thinking about the way technology has given a platform for one to express feelings today: was such a thing even conceivable yesterday?

An online memorial to mark respect to the departed- who thought of this and how did this come about.

Yet, first things first! 2020 was akin to an emotionally devastating rollercoaster ride, but one that lacked fun and possessed an overtone of suffering.

It only rises the level of ones anxiety and troubles to note just how difficult a year 2020 was given all those who departed battling the dreadful COVID 19 virus.

But while people pass on, they leave behind memories that bind their loved ones. And what could’ve been better than having an online memorial specifically marked to the COVID victims in India, this being an age where technology has often enabled us to reflect and fathom express, digitally!

Had that not been the case then why would there be such as a thing as the “legacy Facebook accounts!?”


But just what is this online memorial marked for COVID victims in India all about and what does one understand from it?

The BBC, in an exclusive on the said online memorial happened to publish the following information-

An online memorial to commemorate Indians who have lost their lives to Covid-19 has been launched by a group of doctors and social workers.

COVID 19 victims in India | covid memorial India
Image Source: BBC

The virtual memorial will allow family members and friends of the victims to pay their tributes.

India has reported more than 154,000 Covid-19 deaths, but infections have dropped sharply in recent months.

Social workers helped by doctors, health workers and journalists will help run the memorial.

A place where one can take time to reflect and pay obeisance to the departed, who fought on against the merciless slayer of humankind in 2020, if one can put it that way, is an interesting development in that it makes one touch upon the fact that grief isn’t limited or restricted to a solitary household or family.

Usually testimonies are published in regards to certain brands or services, product offerings and things of that sort. But then it is one thing to come across a business testimony but something totally different to read an emotional testimony.

Heart-filled messages that offer a bouquet of rich feelings, truly felt, marked with respect and fondness (in service to the departed) is pretty much what makes this online memorial dedicated to the COVID victims in India a one of a kind emotion-fueled online destination.

How else can one put it?

It’s important to reflect on what Dr Abhijit Chowdhury of the Network offered in regards with this unique online destination in India: “A national Covid memorial is an initiative for Indians to keep alive the memories of their loved ones who succumbed to the disease. This is a place where everybody can join!”

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He continued by adding the following, “This memorial will restore some dignity of the people who died and were cremated without even their families being allowed to attend the funeral!”

It must also be noted that such a development is an interesting way forward for a country that doesn’t as such commemorate the deceased!

For your kind notice- the portal is called the National COVID Memorial!

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