Classroom-study- a pre Coronavirus era factor or no more a reality for the times to come! How is one to know? In fact, all that one knows is that at the moment, there’s no such thing as active schooling or classroom-based study.

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What we do know, as a matter of fact, is that the classrooms are all empty. They are static forces. There’s renewed focus on the online studying. Therefore, what may actually appear as the ‘trend’ of these times mired by the Coronavirus lockdown, is pretty much the order of the day.

Everywhere you see, students are ‘online!’ And no, this is for a constructive purpose; the idea isn’t to hang out on social media. The schools might be shut in at the moment, but the online classes are on and they are actively directing the focus of the students toward academic interests.

That said, a vastly-popular country is currently focused on helping the students get underway with the online classes. So how exactly is the equation panning out?

One of the more interesting pieces of news that anyone can come across is how France is actively enabling the foreign students from India gravitate to its shores for Apparently, in what is being emphasized as an interesting part of Franco-India co-operation, the education sector is primed to take the bilateral ties to a new ground.

An official statement from France confirmed the interest of the country toward increasing the stake of the scholarships to around INR 10 crore.

At the moment, France is fully prepared to begin the new student year for its academia through the concept of the virtual classrooms. People-to-people educational exchanges despite these being times where active person-to-person educational activity is suspended dominate the ensuing theme.

A statement from the French Embassy in relation to this development perhaps attests the main importance of the developing theme:

“France has also augmented its proportion of scholarships by 50% – equivalent to 10 crore rupees – for this academic year. These scholarships will be awarded regardless of whether a student starts the semester in India or France.”

Meanwhile, the French ambassador to India Emmanuel Lenain added interesting insights, “The strategic partnership between India and France is nurtured through strong people-to-people ties. As France and India gradually emerge from their lockdowns, their exchanges will serve as building blocks for a new world and a common future.”

Along with the French counterparts, the Macron-led country has taken in due consideration the educational leanings of its foreign students. Therefore, nobody is going to be ignored in the process.

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In fact, that being said, what’s important to note is that even today, the allure to get admission in a prestigious foreign university remains a key aspect in the mind of the students.

Probably no viral epidemic can ever change that. And, in fact, when it comes to a nation like France, home to several A-list ‘top-of-the-line’ educational institutes such as the revered Sorbonne (University of Paris), Science Po – then there’ll probably never be a doubt in a student’s mind about seeking education elsewhere.

That said, here’s what had to share on the developing story:

French network programmes are adapting to the situation arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, and Alliance Française centres in more than 13 Indian cities have arranged online classes during the lockdown. This has ensured continuity in French language lessons for more than 31,000 students.

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