Newton memes are taking everybody by storm and you just need to check them out, now!

Rajkummar Rao’s Newton is doing wonders in theatres and being the official entry for Oscars from India is definitely helping it a lot. From the critics to the viewers, Newton has become one of the must-watch of 2017.

Now, we all know about Twitterati and their talent of turning anything into a successful and hilarious meme. The same happened with one of the scenes from Newton. It’s a scene in which Pankaj Tripathi is challenging Rajkummar Rao that no one would show up to cast their votes, with “main likh ke deta hun, koi nahi aayega”. In response to this, Rajkummar Rao says, “likh ke dijiye”.

Both of these dialogues are interesting in themselves and were also a part of the trailer. Now, there are so many possibilities with these two dialogues that have been brought to life by the kind people on Twitter.

So, while they’re having fun in their meme-sessions, we decided to gather some of the best from the lot. These memes can make anyone laugh out loud.

“Mai likh ke deta hun, koi nahi aayega” memes

“Likh ke dijiye” memes

So, the gist of all this is, no matter how many Oscars you are going to. If you haven’t cracked into the memes market, you haven’t cracked into to the pop culture.

Jyotsna Amla

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