In what could perhaps only be described as a bit of a shocking development, Lufthansa has decided to cancel all hitherto planned flights to and fro India for the time period between September 30 to October 20, 2020. In a year where even the most established corporations have struggled to find their feet against a Covid-19 soured period, it seems there’s trouble brewing for one of the most decorated and famous of German corporations.

So what exactly happened and home come such a stern action take place even as there were no reported Coronavirus cases that might have strangulated the otherwise smooth inlet of operations?

Well, most reports at this point are suggesting a bit of cold snub, as suggested, to the famous German carrier.

This brings us to the boiling point at this time, where according to reports the sudden rejection by Indian authorities toward the otherwise fixed (or planned) flight schedule birthed the developing story; nothing shy of a shocker where the news is concerned.

Lufthansa | Lufthansa Cancels Flights to India
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Following the sudden and unexpected development, the following was cited in an official statement on the part of the revered airline:

“Lufthansa had applied for the continuation of special flights it was granted to operate until the end of September. This application process is necessary since India has so far not accepted the invitation by the German government to discuss details regarding a temporary travel agreement between both countries.”

Having said that, never before has such a stern course of action, stirred events between Germany and India which perhaps also makes the incident controversy-marked.

Why did this happen at all and who is actually responsible for a stern course of action that has resulted in cancellation of several previously planned flights?

But in addition to the former point addressed by Lufthansa, the airlines also added the following bit in its statement to the media:

“Due to the Indian government’s rejection, Lufthansa will now have to cancel all planned flights between Germany and India between 30 September and 20 October.”

The above also brings us to the point of the countries with which India is operating a bubble. To that end, it’s important to be informed that the country is currently operating an air bubble with no fewer than thirteen countries, that include:

United States of America

United Kingdom








United Arab Emirates




That told, India is also in talks with a few other countries with which to hold similar agreements.

How the system helps is that it aids passengers between two countries (as mutually agreed by the involved countries) to travel to and fro without being subjected to any restrictions.

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But from what happened, it appears that Lufthansa is still keen to get to the bottom of the development. And it is urging the Indian authorities to at least, establish a temporary travel arrangement between the two nations, i.e., Germany and India, the sentiment of which was reflected further in the brand’s official statement: “Such an agreement is necessary to address the urgent need of tens of thousands of Indians and foreign nationals for travel to and from India and would also help balance the interests of both countries’ airlines.”

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