It appears that a fresh surge in COVID cases in India has left a new cause of worry in the country. Basically, it’s not really clear as to whether COVID-19 has really subsided in India. The search for better days and an absolute return to normalcy is still mired somewhere in the future. There are weeks where there aren’t any new cases as such and then days where one sees a fresh spike in new COVID cases in India.

Such has been the scenario.

For sure, 2020 has been the year where an individual’s health status has primarily become the key thinking factor, over and above one’s material statuses, such as the status of one’s bank account and the kind of house one lives in. Having said that, what’s the cause of India’s latest worry?

To be precise, India recorded no fewer than 86,000 fresh COVID 19 cases. This was, by global count, the highest spike in infections anywhere else in the world. Let that sink in, for a second!

As a matter of fact, the exact number of new COVID cases in India measures upto 86,052 in the last 24 hours, i.e., between September 24- to- 25. But is that all? Not at all.

What hurts more is that where the last twenty-four hours are concerned, then there have been 1,141-virus-related fatalities in the country. How is that for a reality check especially for those thinking that the worst was over and that no more does one need to worry about the pandemic?

COVID cases in India
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But lets for a second, move ahead of the last 24-hour figure of India and think about the episode in entirety As far as the total caseload is concerned, then at the moment, the number points to 5.8 million with many claiming that the figure has actually crossed that. Moreover, the death toll is 92, 290.

Does that cut a worrisome figure? The above numbers are according to the Health Ministry updates.

But if you were to really try hard and gauge for a positive figure, then one would really have to contend with the exceedingly high number of tests that are being carried out at the moment. As per data on last Thursday, i.e., September 24, 2020- India scaled a historic peak in that it conducted tests on nearly 1.5 million samples.

Though, when you come to reflect that the overall population of the country runs into billions, would you still call it a mighty figure? It’s open to debate!

But here are some interesting snippets available on Anadolu Agency’s website in connection to the said development and are worthy of your attention:

“75% of new cases in the count are concentrated in 10 states and union territories. 10 states and Union territories also account for 74% new recoveries,” the Health Ministry said in a statement.

“Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are among these, reporting higher number of recoveries and new COVID-19 cases too,” added the statement.

Meanwhile, the southern state of Kerala has added almost 11,000 coronavirus cases in the last two days.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in a news conference on Thursday said: “The situation in the state is grave.”

“The Thiruvananthapuram district is the worst affected. Of the total deaths in the state, 38% have happened in this district. Of the total active cases 18% are in Thiruvanathapuram,” he also said.

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That being told, the big question in the coming days is whether the number of new COVID cases in India can finally hit a plateau and then hit the nosedive?

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