Every year, hundreds of Indians travel to the Middle East and to other oil-rich emirates in search of jobs. Some stay happy in finding a vocation away from their original homes, others simply wither away. Destinations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Qatar (to quote a few) are popular hubs that attract talents in different fields.

But when a piece of news emerges stating a man was shot in the face by none other than the employer then it only breaks hearts.

After all, what other emotion can the piece of news offer?

It wasn’t too long ago that news erupted regarding an Indian who was shot in face down in Qatar. The incident involved a 35-year-old Haider Ali who was working in Doha since a while.

That his family is currently grieving only explains the tensity of the situation as the much-loved family member convalesces in the Doha-based Hamad General Hospital.

But as great as the pain endured by the harmless Indian youth is the reason for which he was shot- and remember, in the face- by his Qatari employer.

It is said that Haidar Ali had asked for leave in order to visit his family back in India’s Bihar.

That’s that. That was precisely his fault.

That being said, the following piece of information appeared in the revered India Today Group that expanded on the story, one that must grip attention from different parts of the globe only so one can see the extent to which cruelty exists in our so-called civilized society:

Ali’s family first learned of the incident through a family member in Doha and later was contacted by an Indian embassy official in Doha.

Afsar, who is pursuing his PhD in Kerala, has been in his village due to the lockdown. He said, “My brother was shot point-blank by his local sponsor. My father is a heart patient and is in shock. Haider Ali had six children– five girls and a boy. His wife and the kids are in shock.”

He continued, “I first got a call from my cousin Javed who also works in Doha who told us what happened. Later, Dhiraj Kumar, ASO Community and Welfare at the Indian embassy in Qatar, also called and informed us of the incident. He assured us of all help and that he would keep us informed.”

That being said, it’s not exactly clear as of now as to when might the Indian shot in Qatar recovery fully from the injuries sustained (and for no fault of his own).

But simply imagine what is the world coming to given incidences like these and of what use is any rich or prosperous land, replete with so-called opportunities when it offers blatant disregard for a harmless human being?

For if this episode- wherein the family of the allegedly gravely injured is seeking compensation from the government in Doha- doesn’t serve a reality check then one wonders, what ever will?

Probably time for everyone to note that the grass isn’t always green on the other side!

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