Twitter is the birthplace of various memes that we hold very dear to our hearts. Actually, the reason why Twitter is the birthplace of various memes is that many meme loving people reside over there. People who love to transform something simple into something memorable.

The best part, one doesn’t even know the exact moment when it happens. The moment when an ordinary image changes into a viral and memorable content on the Internet that will never die, though might be forgotten very soon.

Whatever little the life these memes live, they indeed go on to have an amazing time and offer the same to those viewing and now there’s a brand new entry to this diaspora. I Can Hear This Image fad is the latest meme of 2018 that people are using amazingly on Twitter.

It first started with someone’s tweet on Janice’s image, the Janice from FRIENDS, with a caption – I Can Hear This Image. It instantly garnered a lot of likes and retweets.

Soon, various people on the Internet jumped on this bandwagon and started churning out various other examples of this I Can Hear This Image, here are the best from the lot.

So, which one has been your favourite from the lot. Funny how one can actually hear the image just with the help of their eyes. The technology has advanced so much and so did the meme game on the Internet.

Jyotsna Amla

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