The one thing we often pray for in life and truly desire is the company of our loved and dear ones. Don’t we all wish for that? While there is all kinds people- some who feel passionately and emote generously, there are also some who do not receive emotional expression that well. Must it be said, it may have been people belonging to this latter category that could’ve led to the suffering of one Hasina Begum, 65, belonging to India.

In what reads like a truly ‘filmy’ story, an Indian woman, well past her mid-age years was finally let free and that too from a prison from the other side of the border but that was not before she spent nearly two decades of her life rotting inside!

At a time where we often complain that we miss our near and dear ones, despite leading a wholesome life as such with regards to earnings or financial stability, imagine the plight of this helpless woman from India who had to rot in Pakistani prison for 18 long years.

When Hasina Begum was finally released from a Pakistani jail, in the past few hours, this is what she had to say and there wasn’t anything else that she chose to focus on:

“I went through a lot of hardships and I am feeling peace after returning to my country. I am feeling as if I am in heaven. I was imprisoned forcefully in Pakistan!”

Come to think of it- 18 years inside a prison, and that too, not in a jail in one’s country of origin or residence but in a foreign land can be utterly loathsome- isn’t it?

This was then a woman who had to bear the brunt for such a huge amount of time didn’t even commit a crime.

What the heck! How can life be so utterly cruel, don’t you wonder?

But then what was the crime of this old bespectacled lady from India? Fact is, that Hasina Begum had forgotten her passport way back in time, which is when she was roughly handled and instead of anyone willing to listen to her genuine plight, she was simply incarcerated.

Think of it- we crib about so many things in life and all the time. Rather make it, each passing day. Now this was a woman who didn’t even commit anything close to be called a crime, let alone some atrocity.

Times News Now elaborated on the painful time Hasina Begum spent suffering all alone and this is what came to life:

According to her, she was in Lahore, when she lost her passport. She was ‘forcefully’ sent to a jail in Pakistan where she spent 18 years, urging the Pakistani authorities to release her as she was innocent.

According to the police, she is married to Dilshad Ahmed, a resident of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Begum was released by Pakistan last week and handed over to the Indian authorities. 

It’s also known that the authorities dived into action not until a report was received from the Aurangabad Police station, which showed that Hasina Begum had a house in the Rashidpura area of the city.

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All this while, one thinks that what might have happened had the Aurangabad Police not had taken urgent course of action to raise the much-needed issue with the Pakistani authorities? Those 18 years of life lost languishing inside a Pakistani prison can never come back but one is glad that the old lady has now finally returned to her family.

Truly speaking, one doesn’t really know what to say to Pakistan- thanks for finally relieving the helpless Indian or what on earth did you do by imprisoning a helpless woman from India who committed no crime and caused no dismay to anyone?

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