Within minutes of the highest and most respected and honourable legal body in the country- Supreme Court- hit at the Delhi administration regarding the issue of its poor handling of dead bodies (Covid 19) that Gautam Gambhir has hit back at the man in whose charge of command sits the establishment. 

Who else but Arvind Kejriwal? 

At the end of the day, it’s his government who needs to be blamed for a situation which truth be told, should have not happened. Not under any circumstances, as a matter of fact. 

Not only as citizens of the national capital but the remainder of the country, we must think – should there be a situation and day where eminent personalities of the country have to say – “The condition in which Covid-19 bodies have been treated, is worse than animals.”

So in what can only be called a fitting hitback at the Delhi CM, former cricketer and current politician Gautam Gambhir has offered scathing criticism at the most important political dignitary in all of Delhi. 

Here’s what he said- starting with “Beware Delhi,” the famous batsman shared his insights as to why the ensuing situation is worrying and troublesome. 

The following is the full version of Mr. Gambhir’s recent Tweet- 

“Ad campaigns have failed! Centre, Neighbouring States, Hospitals, Testing, Apps have been blamed! 

Next SC will be blamed. Step out only if needed because CM will not take responsibility! #SCSlamsDelhiGovt #DelhiCollapsing!”

The Tweet told, what one must immediately start thinking about is whether Delhi can pull itself back and get on the right track. 

Ever heard a statement – “The time is now ?” 

You may have, right? 

Perhaps nothing can be more apt or right than saying the current haphazard manner in which hospital bodies and medical facilities are taking care of its system have led to great disappointments. 

Countless lives are at stake. What is to happen if hospitals continue to fail their patients. 

Is there some accountability and how far can mass ignorance continue to run amok the way it has? 

That being said, where’s what NDTV has to offer in the burning issue, the kind of story that has caused one to take urgent notice of the poor performance by Delhi’s healthcare institutes- 

Seeking a response from Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, and the central government as it took followed up reports of improper handling of COVID-19 patients and disposal of bodies in the country, the court asked Mr Kejriwal’s administration to explain the fall in testing in the city.

So what lies ahead? 

How soon can one expect Arvind Kejriwal to respond, the man who’s often the first to fire shots when, according to him, things don’t go as per intended results and whenever there are failings on the part of some government inaction in any other part of India? 

Is a major change on the cards. Now that Gautam Gambhir has raised the alarm of concern, how far can the ripples of his concern reach? 

Importantly, isn’t the country’s national capital expected to offer a solution and step that should fundamentally become a benchmark for others to take examples from? 

Yet, what pathetic precedent is being set here, isn’t it? Who has the answers to all this quandary? 

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