Truth be told, a lot of water has already flown under the bridge in these tumultuous affair called the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic. Everything which could be said, has been said whether it’s on the danger, the death toll, the often visible abject failure of the healthcare system (given sheer failure of several hospitals to accept Covid-19 sufferers as patients). 

In the last two months, different states and cities in India have embraced the same problems and challenges albeit with varying magnitudes. 

For instance, in Kerala the magnitude of the problem is small but in Delhi and Mumbai there’s this constant threat of Coronavirus. 

That being said, are we still facing a different problem that is worsening the scenario? 

Is there a problem with the dead bodies of Covid-19 patients? And what exactly is the seriousness of the issue that the Supreme Court -which is the highest legal authority in the country- has had to offer its verdict? 

Before that, a quick thought. A persisting matter in the burning issue of the COVID-19 issues, is that of the deceased. Their funerals and the treatment of the bodies whether at hospitals and later, for the final journey, has up until now been debated endlessly. Isn’t it? 

But have things come to a worst stage in Delhi, of late?

So much so that different bodies are having different opinions on the sensitive matter? 

But all of that can be conjecture. Right? Why not, then hear and believe the published word? 

If you would’ve believed the written word in press then, a few hours back, then the following would’ve probably perturbed your- the conscientious, bread-earning, thinking individual. 

supreme court on Covid-19 dead bodies
Source: National Herald India

Terming the situation as “horrific”, the Supreme Court on Friday censured the Delhi government over its mishandling of bodies. 

But that’s precisely where the trouble starts. 

Here’s the greater detail. 

The Supreme Court has even said that the way the current situation is panning out – the current treatment of dead bodies in the Delhi-led administration is actually worse than animals. 

Now that just goes to show that things aren’t going well at all and that there’s reason to worry. 

So what might have happened for the Supreme Court to have said such a thing. 

The following is the statement from The Indian Express: a bench comprising of Justices Ashok Bhushan, S K Kaul and M R Shah said: “The situation in Delhi is horrendous, horrific and pathetic.”

There’s something that one must do inside the Delhi hospitals. Because if that is not corrected at this point in time, then only the almighty knows what might happen in the imminent future. 

This is also a sensitive matter for the simple reason that at this point, we don’t really know when might things get back to normal. 

At this present moment, the most important sector in India is Healthcare. This is where the action lies. This is where our hopes are pinned. Nothing you and I may want to change would fit or make sense. 

That being said, what remains to be seen now is whether the Delhi government can raise the game and improve things. Where the media’s understanding and the public perception is standing then it doesn’t seem that it’s being respected a great deal. 

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