Advertisements have been in existence for the longest time now. People can literally trace back them being used as a marketing tool, to 1800s or something.

What once started as a way of intelligently selling a product or service, soon changed into titillating the consumer. The usage of creativity is slowly and steadily diminishing from the market. Advertisers and brands have started using semi-naked or naked bodies to sell their products or to catch the attention of a potential consumer.

Most of the times now, the existence of a product is simply missing from the advertisement and all you’re left with are sexual innuendos because that’s how the genius minds in advertising think a product sells.

But not all advertisements are like that. While a majority of them are, some have come out to use genuine grey matter while thinking about an advertising strategy for them. Everyone deserves to know about them and their impact on the society. So, we have gathered 15 such advertisements that had a great and lasting impact on the print advertisement industry. These Indian ads got their product’s message across in the most creative and brilliant way possible.

Check them out here:

1. Nissan hired a perfect copywriter for their advert.

clever indian ads1

2. Beatles are here to teach you, how to cross roads through zebra crossing.

clever indian ads2

3. Tide did make their product stand out.

clever indian ads3

4. Rajasthan tourism advert brilliantly included everything that could be seen in Rajasthan.

clever indian ads4

5. The message of ‘Don’t Talk While Driving’ couldn’t have been given in a much more clearer way.

clever indian ads5

6. The people behind Fevicol adverts are a genius.

clever indian ads7

7. The people behind Fevicol adverts are genius 2.

clever indian ads6

8. Save tigers, before they go extinct from our coins.

clever indian ads8

9. Berger does know how to make their colours blend in.

clever indian ads 9

10. Hindu is making you stay ahead of the times.

clever indian ads10

11. Nothing could be much better for users.

clever indian ads11

12. Yahoo was once clever.

clever indian ads 12

13. We all want someone to help us.

clever indian ads13

14. It only happens in India.

clever indian ads14

15. Even Gandhi promoted joint account.

clever indian ads 15

Doesn’t every one of these ads deserve some extra marks for creativity?

Jyotsna Amla

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