China and India have seen far better days in the past. The trade relationship existing between the two neighboring countries in Asia is humungous, truth be told. Honestly, there is no other way to define it.

Having said that, besides being two closely situated neighboring countries in the heart of Asia, both China and India happen to be robust and fast growing economies in the world. China, which we all know, is about to really challenge the United States in the struggle for economic supremacy, a struggle that is only growing by the day.

But of late, the country with which India fought a valiant war back in 1962, has been only acting notoriously, causing much unwanted and undesirable mischief up in the north of Indian mountains. The entire region in Ladakh came amid much-needles skirmish due to unwanted Chinese aggression that had neither- no basis nor need.

Much of this has been the dominant trend in the media for the better part of two months.

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In response, India also acted swiftly and in a timely manner by warning China of repercussions, which would take both economic and geopolitical shape. And from there began the process of India shrinking its interaction with China. First, the country tried to initiate diplomatic dialogue with its needless bully, something which continues even today. And later, India resorted to carrying forward an aggressive banning of Chinese products, where the first course of action led to banning of several Chinese apps and websites.

Even today, there’s absolutely no place for Chinese platforms- big and popular that they may be- like Alibaba in India.

In fact, none of this would end with just little initiation, much of what India would do was seen later.

As recently as a few hours back, India also took a firm bold step. And it banned no fewer than 118 mobile apps. So what did it lead to on the part of China?

Where it stands at the moment then Beijing’s foreign ministry has finally reacted to finding several apps being banned in a fresh move from Narendra Modi-land.

What did it have to say but?

Apparently, the said ministry has strongly opposed India’s action. These were, as a matter or fact, important Chinese mobile apps for the Oriental land. Hence, this also meant a loss of business, growth and a jolt in revenue.

But China has also submitted that the said course of action led to a violation of the legal interests of Chinese investors and service providers. Is there anything more that it would like India to do?

Funny as it may sound to the average Indian, the Chinese government has actually asked India to act on its mistakes and therefore, correct them.

It’s rather surprising that a country, which in the first place, commits baseless territorial violation on its neighbor has the audacity to even come up with a request as asking that very country to legitimize the usage of its websites and mobile apps.

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Truth is, that an aggressor like China must be dealt with cautiously but in the right way. Some of the app bans that led to China’s reaction included not only PUBG but also Shein, Clash of Kings, among the others.

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