If you don’t know yet about KFC shutting down a vast majority of their stores in KFC, all thanks to a chicken shortage that the fast food chain is facing, then the world is still a better place for you. Because who would want that to happen to their favourite food chain, no one, right?

The chicken shortage came after KFC started facing trouble with their delivery contract. According to the reports, a total of 562 KFC outlets remained shut following a weekend of disruption that peaked on Sunday night at 646 closures. However, it was not like KFC didn’t know about this.

KFC was warned it would face delivery problems months ago, it has been claimed, as the company tries to grapple with a worsening chicken supply crisis that has forced almost half of its outlets to remain closed.

The chain tweeted out the news to their followers.

This led to a large amount of confusion among the people who just couldn’t get over it. Here’s how they reacted to the situation on Twitter.

Police in Tower Hamlets, east London, urged the public not to waste officers’ time by complaining about closed KFC stores after a ton of people turned to police about this crisis. Which almost seems to the best thing to do.

This particular situation has led a lot of us to think about what would we do if our favourite fast food chain decided to close their outlets one day? Actually, a lot of us have faced the same situation earlier last year, when McDonalds India decided to close a majority of their outlets in North India.

Worst time of our lives, indeed.

Jyotsna Amla

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