Ever thought about charging your electric vehicle using a QR code? In a rampantly changing world where technology is the great leveler of sorts- such news validly offers the combination of- technology-meets-an important breakthrough. Isn’t it? Today, you can actually charge your EV through something as tiny as a QR code; that minute sized app that houses itself on your phone.

How did this even happen? Could anyone have thought of something like this say half a decade back in time?

Nonetheless. We will all have our answers. Right?

Truth is, in Dubai, one of the most important government bodies in all of UAE, DEWA (that stands for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) has enabled a landmark utility for the denizens of the famous cosmopolitan city.

You can actually make use of a special QR code and swiftly go about charging your lovely electric car. Very interesting times these, not only for those who are leading the breakthrough in the EV stream but those who are working tirelessly toward making our lives a little more convinient.

charge EVs through QR code in Dubai
Source: Gulf News

But according to this very important piece of development, as many as 240 charging stations in different parts of the Dubai city can now help motorists. So how does all of this happen?

Well, motorists can now charge their electric vehicles by simply scanning the particular QR code. The said announcement was made by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

But that was not all. Part of an important transition in the way one goes about charging EVs whilst having some more convenience along the way also lends itself to the fact that one can continue to use their green charger cards at various DEWA charging stations.

And where this initiative stands, then it’s worthwhile to note that none of it is some random development. It was back in 2015 when the Green charger initiative was launched in Dubai.

The primary objective behind the positive step was to encourage more and more motorists toward electric vehicle adoption in a bid to support sustainable transportation.

Importantly, in these current times, more and more EV charging stations are being installed in and around Dubai, the city already home to several international EV car brands.

And in relation to the important development all thanks to DEWA, here’s what Gulf News had to say basis interaction with the main brains behind the green-move:

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, said: “DEWA believes that the future requires radical changes that keep pace with the enormous developments around us. We work to achieve the Dubai 10X initiative, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to develop Dubai Government services, putting Dubai 10 years ahead of other global cities.”

All of that told, the Coronavirus hasn’t succeeded in dampening the ever-energetic spirit and vibe of the Dubai city, with the eminent cosmopolitan hub of UAE working actively toward entertaining a string of ideas that will only enhance the city’s reputation as being one of the most sustainable hubs boasting of strong infrastructure in the imminent future.

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And for that there is a robust plan of action come 2021. Gulf News further highlighted the following:

We also work to achieve the Dubai Plan 2021 to make Dubai proactive and creative in meeting the needs of individuals and society; to make Dubai a smart, sustainable, and innovative city in managing its resources, improving quality of life, and consolidate Dubai’s position as a global model for a green economy.

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