If Apps Were People part 2 is here and this time, we get to see the misery of our beloved apps.

Quite a few months back, All India Bakchod (AIB) gave us an entertaining video, If Apps Were People and everything in it stood true to what we experience in our day-to-day lives. From nasty Tinder to artsy Instagram, every one of those apps had their ups and downs. However, they all were happy. The same cannot be said now.

In If Apps Were People part 2, the apps on Supriya’s old phone are unable to get along with her mother. The crossfire is too intense to handle at times, however, it’s just downright hilarious.

Every app has its own issues and problems that they just can’t handle anymore. While Mallika Dua’s Tinder is unable to get some anymore, her alter-ego Matrimonial is too happy with her job. Kaneez Surka’s Instagram is too lonely to live like this anymore because no one uses it. And, then there’s the over worked-up Whatsapp, as well as, the cool and in-demand SMS.

One look at the Whatsapp and you’ll understand all the miseries that it has to deal with, on parents’ smartphones. But, just like the prior If Apps Were People video, the winner of this one is again Tinder and its raunchy dialogues. We would personally want to meet the writer behind it and congratulate them on coming up with such brilliant, yet, true dialogues for Tinder.

If Apps Were People: Watch The Video Here:

source: All India Bakchod

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While the previous If Apps Were People was sponsored by OnePlus for their 3T set, this time the video boasts of the amazing features of OnePlus 5.

The writers and makers at AIB have done it again with their new comedy sketch.

Jyotsna Amla

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