A 73-year-old woman gives birth to a healthy set of twins and everybody loses their minds!

A 73-year-old woman gives birth to twins in India and the news quickly snowballs into being a viral sensation of sorts. Ever thought you’d read such a headline. But then, welcome to the world of bizarre!

Actually, come to think of it. How, it must be asked, is it possible that a woman can give birth or deliver children at that old age?

But then surprises and shocks are an everyday part of life here in the world’s largest democracy, isn’t it? In a piece of news that got several heads turning, a Guardian report elaborated on more details about the surprising story that took place in a southern-Indian town.

The said woman, understandably so, described the moment of birth, “the happiest moment of my life.” It was confirmed that the babies were delivered through a successful C-section surgery that was performed by a set of doctors working on the old lady.

And the said doctors also confirmed to the widely-read English newspaper that the mother and the children were in ‘good health!’ The name of the woman’s doctor who performed the surgery is Uma Shankar, it is told.

Here are some interesting highlights from the piece of news that was published in The Guardian on a development that some might call bizarre and some, utterly surprising:

Mangayamma Yaramati and her husband, Sitarama Rajarao, 82, from Andhra Pradesh, said they had always wanted to become parents but were unable to conceive. Yaramati told BBC Telugu they had been stigmatised in their community because they were childless.

“They would call me a childless lady,” she said, adding: “We tried many times and saw numerous doctors, so this is the happiest time of my life.” Yaramati had a baby shower this week, before the delivery.

Manngayamma started the menopause 25 years ago, and so an egg was taken from a donor and fertilised with Rajarao’s sperm through IVF, Shankar told the Hindustan Times. “Luckily, she conceived in the first cycle and was found to be pregnant in January.”

Well, it’s a point of fact that many women who have difficulty in giving natural birth undergo renowned IVF procedures. And the same transpired for the 73-year-old woman. Uma Shankar, the doctor who performed the surgery confirmed that many women who came for the IVF treatment had children but also that they were killed in road accidents.

Many women who approach her for treatment are in the age-group of 45-50 years!

But the doctor also shared that among the biggest problems in conceiving a child at that age is the social stigmas that are attributed from the context of the society. But that said, what is truly surprising is that Manngayamma, the woman who successfully delivered her twins might be the oldest woman in India to have given birth to a healthy pair of twins.

Her doctor also confirmed the fact that her birth certificate states the year 1946! Truly remarkable, right?

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