We still don’t know how every musical collaboration turns out to be super-duper amazing and moving, maybe that’s what happens when some of the most exceptional talents decide to unite.

It happened again when Bengaluru based music director duo Venky-Varun decided to bring together some 150 musicians and created one of India’s biggest music collaborations. The One Song is composed by the duo and was recently launched in collaboration with UNICEF India.

The One Song brought together more than 150 musicians from all over India and other parts of the world too, in a multilingual, multicultural, cross-genre video with a cause. This song is dedicated to children with special needs who often miss out on a lot of opportunities that others have almost grown accustomed to.

Though The One Song, is primarily composed in Kannada, this exuberant track, preaching harmony and acceptance, is sung in more than 12 languages and incorporates multiple genres, including Indian classical, folk, jazz, fusion and what not.

The One Song: Watch The Video Here:

( Source: UNICEF India )

There are so many musicians in here that after one point you would stop spotting who-is-in-it and start spotting who-is-not. The talent featured in this video is amazing and phenomenal, to say the least, and can immediately transport you to a state of bliss, and all of this was done to promote the cause of reaching out to children with special needs.

Jyotsna Amla