Keep a motivational quote or a book to uplift your mood the next time that you are out on business travel; it may come in handy.

Travelling is good for the mind and soul and has the power to unlock one’s true potential. Essentially life itself is about travel and a life without travel in it, does not make for a lot of sense. You have heard something like these statements that seem to be mirroring the meaning of life and you have heard these time and again- haven’t you?

But perhaps what you didn’t hear was that how much of a toll can travel take one oneself and can really bog one down. Or have you? In an interesting recent finding that has given a lot many, a lot to think about- it appears- that business travel may not actually be such a good thing.

Here’s a moving, mind-boggling kind of statistic related to business travel. Last year, in 2017, the companies in the United States alone sent their employees to as many as 500 million flights. In case, you were seeking for a really serious number- then perhaps this is a mammoth figure to wrap one’s brains around. Can you even contain such a number easily? 500 million flights in a single year for employees travelling from the United States- bound for different destinations in lines with business travel is a serious number.

What’s most disconcerting to note about the aspect of business travel is that it tends to make people wearier and anxious. In fact, to quote it honestly, according to the latest finding published in leading western media, business travel can even make people depressed.

And truth be told, one need not be an Einstein to understand why’s that. For years and months together are executives and high-flying corporates moving around from a region or geography to the other. In the great, ecstatic corporate bid to make a life out of working in fancy jobs, a lot of new, big responsibilities are entrusted onto their shoulders. The life of a corporate employee, especially today, cannot be any easier given the sheer competition and weight of expectations around. Meetings, conferences, seminars, regional visits, whatnot- these are often the buzzword that dominates the corporate sphere.

Th end result of being in plush jobs that lead to fat paycheques is often a troubled and closed mind; depressed minds to be fair. While travelling in itself can always be fun and pleasurable, the moment it becomes business travel, there obviously comes in the aspect of being seriously engaged in an official duty. How can then one’s mind be off even when one’s away travelling? Business travel is often cumbersome, comes with its own share of responsibilities and cannot be dealt with easily- as shared above.

And, in regards with the above, some interesting statistics and observations were submitted by the likes of The Global Business Travel Association. Even as technology offers us countless ways to connect with one another remotely, many employers still demand their workers travel to sit down with others face-to-face. In 2016, companies in the U.S. sent their employees on more than 500 million domestic flights- according to The Global Business Travel Association. How much of a responsibility and effort can one possibly bring to one’s work- is therefore of paramount importance. Always a risk in burning out one’s mental faculties in engaging with such travel alliance- isn’t it?

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