Are you trying to book a ticket to your next travel destination but it is burning a hole in your pocket? Do you spend days looking for the cheaper flight ticket but the price goes higher everyday? Don’t worry, we might have a solution to your problem. We’ll share 7 hot tips to find cheap flights that have been tested by experts to help you get the most ingenious flight deals.

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How To Find Cheap Flights: Here are the tips 

Tip 1: Buy 7 weeks in advance

To find cheap flights you can choose to wait until the last second so you could book an awesome last-minute ticket with desperate airlines who wanted to get rid of their last seats.

But it would be expecting too much because the chances of that happening are still very less. So, the better option would be to book the flight tickets way in advance if you have ample time.

We looked at when the air tickets are generally the cheapest and will recommend you book your flight 7 weeks in advance for short trips.

For long-distance journeys the ideal time for booking is 18 weeks before departure. Trust our experts, this simple trick is one of the best tips to find cheap flights.

Tip 2: Subscribe to the newsletter

Last-minute flights may be hard to find unless you know where to look. Take a few minutes and visit the websites of the airlines you like to fly with and sign up for their newsletter.

Your email inbox will slowly be filled with special offers, new routes with introductory prices and above all, with cheap flights and last-minute ticket grab.

Keep an eye open on Tuesday afternoons, because then most airlines know if their flights are fully booked at the weekend.

If there are still seats available, the fares will be reduced and the newsletter subscribers will be informed.

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Tip 3: Search All Places

Are you in the mood to discover travel destinations that you may not have thought of before? Or you have made up your mind to go somewhere but unsure of where you want to go?

Then the “All Places” search is one of the best tricks to find cheap flights. This feature not only shows you where it’s cheapest to fly but also when it’s cheapest.

This option is now available with many cheap flight ticket booking websites, one of them being These tips to find cheap flights mentioned here are actually tested on popular travel websites like it.

All you need to do is choose the airport from where you want to fly and enter Destination as ‘All Places’ before starting your search.

If you’re flexible, click ‘Full month’ on the date to see the best flight offers of the month.

Tip 4: Collect miles 

Some credit cards accumulate travel miles when you use them for shopping and booking other flights. These can then be exchanged for rewards and in case of travel miles, the reward is the discount on tickets.

It is an ingenious way to reduce or even completely cover the price of expensive long-haul routes.

The more you spend with the card, the more miles you get. Being successful in collecting miles without building up debts is easiest if you do your everyday shopping with the card and stick to the regular monthly expenses.

This way you would be able to get travel miles accumulated and would also not be shocked by the credit card bill.

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Tip 5: Buy your flight ticket on Tuesday afternoon

It is theorized that Tuesday afternoons are best for finding cheap flights. Some airlines publish their last-minute weekend buffets on Tuesdays.

A few airlines start as soon as Monday evening because competition between the airlines prevails. But when all offers are online on Tuesday afternoon, the odds are best to book a cheap flight.

Tip 6: Book the return flight separately

Not always, but sometimes, it may be cheaper to book two one-way flights with different airlines, rather than the return flight with the same airline.

This also gives you much more flexibility, as you have different flight times to choose from or you can travel home from another (cheaper) airport as well.

The point is that you must check all the options like separate flights, connecting flights or different airports before confirming the booking.

Tip 7: Try the 24-hour rule

Tricks To Find Cheap Flights
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Some airlines offer you a free cancellation within 24 hours. Always try and book these flights and then keep an eye out for the flights with lower price or last minute booking.

If you suddenly notice a significant difference, cancel the flight you bought and book the new one. This can save you money without the risk of losing the original flight.

But beware, not all airlines can cancel the tickets and some others will charge a fee for cancellation.

There are a few other ways to save some money on flights like student discount, corporate discounts, credit card offers, New App offers.

To conclude this list of tips to find cheap flights we would like to advise that the best option is to check and do some research on your own about how to find cheap flights before booking so as to get the best and cheap flight ticket.

I hope these tips to find cheap flights will help you save some bucks.

Happy Journey!!

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