Booking isn’t all you need to do! Smart Booking is the need!

Booking flight tickets can be one of the easiest things to do in a day. At the same time, it’s also something that digs a big hole in our pockets. And trust me, you would love to save those few extra spent bucks to travel more or buy souvenirs. However, the main question that might come across many minds is HOW?  Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. Have a look at these steps to avail the best at the cheapest prices NOW!

Availing Best at Cheap Prices: Know How!


1) Book Beforehand

Well, we know it is the most apparent advice EVER, but we need to state it so you follow it. Book the tickets some weeks or even months prior to the date of travel. It is smart to book your tickets in as advance as possible to enjoy the cheapest rates.

2) Choose the Perfect Days

Weekend tickets are often costlier than the weekday tickets due to heavy demand. Be flexible and travel on weekdays. Shuffle your holidays around so you do not end up paying a exorbitant amount where otherwise, you could have saved easily.

3) The Incognito Mode Can Help

For booking tickets, make sure you do it in incognito mode. You browse different online portals to compare the prices. And, eventually, your cookies and search details get recorded to these portals. Thus, you land up paying more than the sought. If you go to the private window or incognito mode, you can always save yourself from getting the details recorded and can get cheaper rates for good flights.

4) The Comparing Game

Comparing the is the key to book the best at cheap prices. Make sure you compare different websites before booking the flight tickets. No matter how much hurry you are in or which date’s flight you are trying to book, you must consider different websites to get the best prices.


5) Don’t Get Duped by Fraudulent Websites

This is one of those tips people generally overlook. They run behind websites which have a lot of attractive offers going on but eventually they make you pay more while checking out. Most of these websites can turn out to be fraudulent.

Sometimes the airlines call for offers just to increase traffic.

6) Offers to Look For

There are many websites that offer good discounts on flight tickets. Look for credit card offers to get the best discounts on good flight tickets. Some credit card companies provide points as well while booking the tickets, which you can avail for further bookings. All these offers and discounts may sound crazy and not worth, but you can try and see the benefits.

7) Ditch The Return Ticket 

Try to go for a single ticket than advance booking the return ticket. Sometimes, if you book two separate tickets, you pay less. Compare both the prices and then book the tickets. Also, if you do not book the return ticket, you may get the cheaper price on some other flight while coming back. Along with this, you get the chance to land on different location as well, in case the plan changes.

8) Use Social Media Pages

Many airlines offer discounts or give free tickets to promote their social media pages. They give holiday packages as well, which you can choose from. Your tweets, likes and follows can land you to amazing offers for booking the best tickets at cheaper prices.

These were some of the best hacks that you must give a second thought while booking the flight tickets next time and save yourself some bucks. Save that money and spend on partying around the world.

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