Whether travelling alone or solo, heading to a domestic destination or to an international locale, there are some documents which we recommend should be handy always. You never know, it could be a blessing in disguise.

So here we go!

Passport And Visa:

These are very obvious documents however, if your trip is going to be multi city or multi country, it should be the top item on your checklist. More than booking a ticket, the time taken to the process involved to obtain a visa can be tedious at times, hence it is important to plan for these documents well in advance.


Another very trivial thing to carry, however very important. Photocopies of all your documents. Right from passport to tickets, to driving license to ID proof. You will need these while making the bookings at the hotels, while requesting permissions to visit some government run properties such as museums, sanctuaries, etc. . . .

For example if you are travelling to Goa, India you can rent a two-wheeler and you are required to produce a copy of your ID proof and driving license to be able to rent one.

Travel Insurance:

A very critical component while planning the travel, but ignored very often – travel insurance. Insurance is critical in case you are travelling abroad. Insuring baggage and yourself helps in case of crisis and baggage loss (which is a common phenomenon).

 Student ID:

If you are in college or student of any institution, it is advisable to carry the student ID card or a letter by a signed by an authorized authority. This will help you gain discounts at various places. Some of the hotels have student discounts, while entry to science museums is subsided if this document is produced.

Record Of Your Vaccinations:

Some of the countries in Asia and Europe demand that you are vaccinated against some of the diseases. The record of this vaccination is generally stapled to the passport, however having a separate copy of the same will prove to be helpful. Do carry supporting documents, such as doctor’s prescription to prove the case in case you encounter an irate officer at immigration.

Passport Sized Photographs:

Not a mandatory document, however good to carry as some of the bookings may require you to produce a copy of the photograph.

Where To Keep:

While we have listed some of the important documents, it is also critical that you pack them properly. While tickets and passport can be carried in the hand purse along with the debit cards and cash. A copy of all the documents can be kept in the backpack.

It is also advisable that you write down all the phone numbers in a diary to help you in case of no connectivity or lost mobile phone situation.

With these tips we hope your next will be super fun and filled with some rich learning experience.

Happy travelling!

3 April 2015
The Reputation Blog

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