It is larger, higher resolution and sometimes cheaper than a normal monitor. In addition, the connection via HDMI is super easy these days, but even there are some things that you have to consider. We will show you How to turn your TV into a computer screen and factors to consider before doing so.

using Tv as monitor
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At first glance, the television has a clear advantage in terms of space. There are already 4K televisions for little money that can display content with even more color. But is that enough to connect the TV to the computer as a monitor replacement?

To get the full benefit of a 4K model, you have to have a correspondingly powerful PC. Above all, a high-resolution graphics card is important, which can also display this content correctly.

There is no problem, if you want to use a TV as a monitor in the area of streaming and gaming. The built-in image improvements even give you a better user experience than a PC monitor.

For gaming, however, you should check the refresh rate of the TV set. A frequency of 100 Hertz is ideal for playing. However, if the frequency is below this, the image will no longer appear as smooth.

Connect TV to Computer to Use It as a Monitor

Establishing the connection between television and computer is easy to do. It is important to find the right interface for both devices. A standard connection would be HDMI, both for the TV and for the PC. This guarantees a sufficiently high data rate, which means that high-resolution content is transmitted smoothly.

The common flat screen TVs often have an HDMI input. So if you don’t already have an HDMI cable lying around at home, all you have to do is get an HDMI cable. If your graphics card on the computer does not have an HDMI output, you can create a transmission using an adapter or search for the appropriate cable.

Proceed as follows to use the TV as a monitor:

1. Connects the computer to the TV with a cable.

2. Then you switch the input signal to HDMI on your TV.

3. On the PC you have to find and select an option in the graphics card menu or the display settings, similar to Duplicate screen or Extend screen.

The Disadvantage of Using a Television as a Monitor

Turning TV into Monitor

Pretty much every manufacturer installs its own image improvements software or devices in their TV. When you use it as a monitor, these image enhancement measures are not optimized for still or static still images. For example, if you work with Office or just surf on websites, text edges and halo effects can arise around the objects.

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If you sit at the computer for several hours, it would be a significant strain on your eyes, especially since you cannot completely switch off these image improvements as they are inbuilt.

Conclusion – Using a Television as a PC Monitor Only Has Limited Advantages

For movies and games, there is almost nothing against the television as a monitor replacement. Also, navigation is much easier and faster thanks to the connection to the PC on the television.

However, if you want to work properly with your computer or edit pictures and videos, use with the TV is not optimal until your TV supports such enhancements. Here you should think again about whether you would prefer to invest in a PC monitor.

This article on how to turn your TV into a computer screen will help you make use of your big screen Tv’s to stream your favourite movies, videos and smartphone screen.

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