The only constant in a world of constantly changing with regards to person-to-person or human-to-human communication is interaction on social media platforms!

We all have more than just heard of Facebook, we have hung out on it for way longer than most can imagine. In the normal course of a day, it’s an incessant habit. We have similarly used Twitter more often than anyone could imagine. When the 140 character-limited turned on its head and became 280, many among us felt liberated. Well, liberated enough to express more freely than before.

What’s more? Not a day goes by when we do not express any possible human sentiment via Instagram or generate pictogram for ourselves using Pinterest or Tumblr. But, it must be asked, how many of us know Yazbee?

What is Yazbee

Have you heard of Yazbee? What does it signify and why has it been gaining constant momentum in Turkey?

For starters, perhaps it suffices to say that Yazbee is Turkey’s own home to all things social media. In a layman expression, it could be said, whatever significance that Facebook carries for an average American, the same holds true for a Turkish using Yazebee.

While surely it’s not a brand new creation in an expansive world of social media, Yazbee arriving on the scene much later than the likes of Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the likes- Turkey’s homegrown social media app is engendering conversation with rich aplomb.

And as a local publication stated it correctly, where it stands today, Yazbee, developed by a bunch of Turkish engineers and entrepreneurs is all set for ‘prime time.’

While having expanded its wings within Turkey, the time has come for Turkey’s most popular social media app to cater to a global market. According to the firm’s founder and chairman, Mr. Arif Unver, Yazbee is all set to employ around 500 execs in the immediate future.

The aim for 2020 is a humungous one, truth be told. The application endeavors to reach a user-base of around 30 million users. Do the math and find out the impact that the company aims to scale: that’s 3 times the current population of Sweden and nearly 3 and 1/2 times that of Israel’s population.

The main man behind Yazbee’s application had the following to say in regards to the brand and its current market offering:

When we look at the number of users of the popular social media, Turkey ranks in the top 10 in all. It is even in the top three on some platforms by population,” he said.

“The fact that the market is so big has prepared the ground for us to establish this platform. We have the potential to provide jobs for 500 qualified people including law experts, software engineers, and data analysts,” he added.

In addition to the above, it is worthwhile to note there are several segments on the social media app that cover nearly all varied human interests, something that the firm is gung-ho about. These include- news, magazines, politics, career, humor.

In fact, what clearly underlines the fact that the Turkish-company is well on its way toward a bright future, bellied with opportunities is the fact that many are suggesting it could be the country’s first billion-dollar company.

What’s more? An already existing promising social media user-base offers a lot of optimism for the social-tech platform. Where it stands today, then there are as many as 50 million social media users in the country. Of these, around 37 million are over the age of 13.

So is this the key segment that Yazbee with its bright yellow honeybee wishes to target? You bet!

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