Transit Elevated Bus: China’s Brilliant Solution To Traffic Jams Is Exactly What India Needs

Today, almost every nation in the world is facing the problem of traffic jams. And China and India, top two most populated nations, are not an exception.

But guess China has found the niftiest solution to the excessive jam on the roads with the launch of – Transit Elevated Bus (TEB).

The model, which was unveiled at China Beijing International High-Tech Expo on May 22, aims at “increasing the utilization of road space” in the most populated country.

It very much look likes the smooth future of public transportation.

The bus comes with a carrying capacity of 1200 people at a time. Besides carrying passengers from one station to another it can also glide over the cars on the road and help reduce traffic.

TEB’s function is very much similar to the subway while the cost of construction is very different. The Transit Elevated Bus can be constructed at 1/5th the cost of Subway and that too within a year.

To better understand the working of TEB model, watch the video below.

(Video Courtesy: CCTV News)

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28 May 2016

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