As soon as you step into adulthood, the only enigma that keeps messing with you is your work. The passion drives you to be ambitious but things didn’t happen in that way, did they? The dream you imagine where you will be this enthusiast employee and work your way out of everything and excel, starts to get surrounded by a lot of questions and skepticism. The truth is painful and probably that’s why every 9 to 5 employee complains about their work space and office. No matter how fun or engaging your work is, there is always one thing or two which keeps messing up your routine and you became a prisoner of your own dream.

It is monotonous and the work that once made you high-spirited started to overpower the peace and serenity of your mind. Why? The work environment nowadays is not as flexible as you thought it would be. Not everyone is in a position where they aimed to be. The overload of work fails to please the higher authorities and the most important part – The Results Are Never Satisfying For Anyone.
It stings, isn’t it? Most of us keep our fingers crossed and wish that someday it is all going to fall into place but till that happens you are bound to wait for the miracle and live a tedious and boring corporate job routine.

These illustrations are so accurate that you probably will be astonished at how relatable they are.

1. The Underpressure Performance! office life illustrations (7)

2. The Last Day Escape! office life illustrations (8)

3. Pseudo – Gathering! office life illustrations (9)

4. Relax Mode On! office life illustrations (10)

5. The Only Dependency!office life illustrations (1)

6. The Complication Of Fellow Employees! office life illustrations (2)

7. Seeking Convenience! office life illustrations (3)

8. Story Of Every Month! office life illustrations (4)

9. The Life Circle Reduction! office life illustrations (5)

10. Obligations! office life illustrations (6)

11. The Saddest Reality. office life illustrations (11)

It’s saddening and there is nothing you can really do, unless of course, you decide to quit and become a hippie.


20 September 2017
Avni S. Singh
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