My Vote Is For Digital India Not

Since yesterday, We have seen people changing their profile picture and uploading them using but what you all don’t know is that every time you change your profile picture, a vote goes in support of This is how Facebook cleverly promoting its new initiative called in collaboration with 6 companies, namely, Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software  Nokia and Qualcomm.

This Is how They Are Making Votes For

Digital IndiaAfter getting hit by this reality, I felt cheated and fooled by Facebook and I am sure your feelings are same now. Our support is for digital India but not for Facebook’s If Facebook wanted support for their initiative they should have asked directly and it should have been our choice to vote or not to vote for This new tactic to kill internet freedom and net neutrality is disappointing. Digital India is no doubt a great initiative but the hidden agenda to promote under the promotion of digital India is shocking.

 Now we have revealed the truth behind the tricolor promotion tactic. India, You decide whether to support digital India or Facebook’s

28 Sep 2015

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