From personal data and photos to bank information: A smartphone usually stores a lot of sensitive information. It is therefore advisable to secure your device. We’ll show you how to encrypt your smartphone.

How to encrypt your smartphone
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Smartphones are a crucial part of everyday professional and social life for many people. With the devices, users can not only make phone calls but also write emails, surf, or pay for goods. If unauthorized persons gain access to the device, they can cause great damage. We show you how to encrypt your smartphone and thus protect your data from unauthorized access.

Set Up A Screen Lock

With the help of a code, fingerprint, or the face recognition function, you can prevent strangers from easily accessing your smartphone. On Android, activate the function as follows:

  • Open the Settings. To do this, click on the app with the gear symbol.
  • Depending on the smartphone, the submenus can now look different. So it is best to enter ‘Lock Screen’ in the search bar above. Now open the corresponding menu.
  • Now you can choose a blocking method. For example, with the PIN lock, you have to enter a code before you can access the smartphone. Pattern lock involves drawing a simple pattern on the screen with your finger. Fingerprint and face recognition are only available if your smartphone has the appropriate hardware.
How To Encrypt Your Smartphone

How To Encrypt Data Of Your Smartphone

Depending on the smartphone manufacturer and the version of the Android, you will find further options for securing your device. For example, you can manually encrypt devices with older Android versions. A user has to unlock the smartphone before he can access data.

Some devices offer the option of creating an encrypted folder on the smartphone. For example, on Samsung devices, this feature is called ‘Secure Folder’. Data or apps that you store here can only be read out after entering a password. According to Samsung, strangers cannot access the secure folder even through a connected computer.

Samsung devices also allow users to lock their SD cards. This means that the card can only be read on the smartphone on which it was encrypted. If you save private data such as pictures on the SD card, they are protected if you lose your smartphone. Of course only if the smartphone is locked itself.

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Hide App

When you hide apps, you prevent curious people from looking over your shoulder which apps you have installed on your device. If you cannot find the function on your smartphone, you can install an app that offers the feature. With Samsung smartphones you can hide apps like this:

1. Open the ‘Settings‘ and select ‘Display‘.

2. Now select ‘Start screen‘ and then ‘Hide apps‘.

3. Here you can now select the apps that should be hidden. Icons for these apps are no longer displayed outside of the settings.

Encrypt WhatsApp – How To Set Up A Fingerprint Lock On WhatsApp

With some apps, you can also encrypt access separately. This is how you can set up a fingerprint lock on WhatsApp. The app can then only be opened with a fingerprint. A PIN lock is possible with Messenger app Telegram. Not only by separate apps WhatsApp has now inbuild feature to lock your WhatsApp.

Encrypt WhatsApp

How To Encrypt Your Smartphone Remotely

If you lost your smartphone before you could secure it, you can locate it afterward, lock it, or have all data on it deleted. However, various requirements must be met for this.

Screen of a smartphone showing FIND MY DEVICE

The device must be switched on and connected to the Internet. In addition, the location of the device must be activated and the smartphone must be visible on Google Play. And you must have activated the ‘Find my device‘ function in ‘Settings‘. It might seem like a lot but this trick has come in handy for a lot of people.

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If the requirements are met, you can locate your smartphone on this Google page, let it ring, or set up a screen lock later. You can also display a message on the screen for the honest finder. In the worst-case scenario, you can also erase all data on the device.

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