Netflix series Human Nature is about the future of humanity.

This film is not shot at expensive locations, neither has sumptuous costumes, nor the Oscar cast. Instead, Human Nature reveals the introduction, state of research, discussion about CRISPR. But Why everyone should watch this documentary is because tells the story of the gene tool CRISPR / Cas9 . With this tool, tiny as it is, researchers can perform miracles or plunge humanity into disaster. Nothing can be more compelling.

Bacteria protect themselves against virus attacks with the system. A few years ago, researchers looked at the method and worked on it with other organisms. It can be used to cut out, modify and rebuild genetic material. As fast, precise and safe as never before. And no matter if it’s the DNA of plants, animals or humans. Because it was suddenly possible, colors of butterfly wings were adapted on request, malaria mosquitoes genetically modified, even the genes in the embryos of Chinese twins were modified so that the children should be immune to HIV – which led to worldwide indignation. There have long been companies that make money with CRISPR, regardless of the unresolved ethical issues. Because science fiction is becoming reality, the film does not lack references to Star Trek and Jurassic Park , GATTACA and Blade Runner .

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There was never a better chance to understand the CRISPR Tech

The discovery of CRISPR has changed the world overnight. The film discusses about the problems genetic engineers have faced over the past few decades because the technology was just too crude to use on humans. It also emphasizes on the fact that something unusual is always interesting as researchers worldwide were swept into a rush of experimentation, because they suddenly held the Swiss army knife of genetic engineering in their hands.

“There was never a better chance to understand why CRISPR is so popular. Cas9 is really wonderful as with proper instructions one can easily create and modify in the lab.” Urnov

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People like Urnov are the ones who control this movie. If not Oscar worthy, Human Nature is classy and gives true and unbiased information. Appearances have Feng Zhang, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, who themselves can not quite believe what treasure they have found with CRISPR, as well as the rested David Baltimore, pioneer of genetic engineering and Nobel laureate with dignity. Wavering between enthusiasm and worry, it also warns the world in an open letter that the handling of the tool is out of control and everyone handling this technology should stop changing the DNA in sperm, eggs or embryos to create genetically modified children.

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